Introduction to Sarah

Hello. I’m almost finished converting my 1968 Bedford bus into my tiny house. This is me using a circular saw for the first time… I wasn’t always smiling, let me tell ya!

My story begins 4 years ago, after what I call ‘hitting bottom’. A time where eviction loomed, where I felt utterly hopeless and in a moment of clarity, decided to pursue my purpose and an intentional life no matter what.

With no job, no drivers license and absolutely no building experience what-so-ever, pursuing this dream was definitely taking the road less travelled.

As a committed environmentalist, I’ve used over 80% reclaimed materials and learned how to do the labour myself. I have achieved a debt free build and am confident to complete the project well under my $17k AUD ($12K USD) budget.

I now spend my time inspiring other to pursue their curiosity. I speak from a place of openness and authenticity in order to engage with your audience. I love nothing more than helping others with both the practical aspects of living an intentional life, as well as the bigger themes involved in following your dreams.

Previous Speaking Events

The Off Grid Living Festival – Australia

The Intentional Living Meetup – NC, USA

The Minimalist Meetup – NC, USA


I am experienced and available to speak on the following topics:

The pursuit of purpose 

Living with less for a life of more 

Digital downsizing – How to overcome digital overwhelm

DIY Bus conversions – The good, the bad and the ugly cries of building your own tiny house

Building an audience through social media & email newsletters

Create a debt free life

Location independence – How to quit your 9-5 and work from anywhere


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